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“We’ve got a strong team filled with caffeine addicted developers, gradients loving designers and machine like working managers.”

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“To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.”

Experts Review

We were very satisfied with work carried out by all three IoT Club students from JSPM’s JSCOE, Pune. Who carried out an Internship at Bangkok University Research Work.
Karel L Sterckx
Director BU-CROCCS Bangkok University

What Our Students Have to Say

I would say that it was one of the best decision that I made in my life to be member of this club, I can definitely say that it was turning point of my life.
Sanket Patil
Final Year Student
Being Iotian is a pride in itself. We participated in various competitions across various states which helped me to boost my knowledge,these competition has taught us loT as well as other technologies.
Sofiya Shaikh
Every day in IoT club took me closer to my goals. Got immense knowledge of various technology and learnt new skills. Being a member of IoT club taught one important principle that is to be Resilient.
Diksha Ambekar
Joining the IoT Club was about figuring out who you are, Reinventing yourself, Finding passions I never knew I had. It was a way for me to come out of my shell and became a giant resume booster.
Prasad Waghchore
Final Year Student

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IoT Club Coordinator – Dr. D. S. Waghole
+91 738-7993-390

Student Coordinator – Sanket Patil
+91 800-7444-915

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